August 2022 - My Key Turkey

August 2022

Turkey citizenship by marriage

Citizenship in Turkey by Getting Married: Everything Must Know as a Foreigner

If you are a foreigner and want to marry a Turkish partner, there are various legal papers and paperwork are needed to complete the process. The process is not very difficult but has some steps that need to be followed. Before 2009, Turkey's citizenship is automatically acquired when you marry a Turkish citizen. In 2009 Turkey decided to introduce new rules and laws for acquiring through marriage to...

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Turkish Title Deed (TAPU)

What is Tapu, or Turkish title deed? When you want to get Turkish Citizenship by investment, TAPU SENEDI is a document that signifies property ownership. Tapu includes information about the property and the owner. In Turkey, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (Tapu Kadastro Genel Mudurlugu) provides and registers this contract. The buyers especially Foreign investors that are...

What Are Essential Documents for the Turkish Citizenship Application?

Turkey opens their doors to people all around the world for Turkish citizenship right now. One of the most popular ways to get citizenship is by investing in property in Turkey. You can have a high-quality life with its natural beauty, cultural value, economic power, geographical advantage, and many benefits more. but if you don't know what documents you should have for a Turkish citizenship application,...

Turkish citizenship

Do You Know What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

Do You Know What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship? Many countries offer citizenship and residency programs. Thus, why you should choose Turkish citizenship? Most citizenship programs have higher financial limits and residency and language facility requirements. Moreover, you have to pay high fees to the government. Turkey introduced its own Citizenship by Investment Program in 2018. It...

documents for citizenship in Turkey

The Comprehensive Guide to Gain Turkish Citizenship by Investing

Living in Turkey when you have Turkish citizenship means treating yourself to impressive landscapes, surrounding yourself with the beautiful sea, munching on delicious food, and being welcomed by warm neighbors. Turkish people live a vibrant lifestyle compared to the residents of many other countries. Moreover, Turkey is a country of significant geostrategic importance since it lies on the cross...

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