November 2022 - My Key Turkey

November 2022

tourism real estate investing

Explain Tourism Real Estate and What Benefits It Has in Turkey

Investing in tourism-related real estate in Turkey is a popular option that is highly profitable for investors due to the strong tourist industry and the support of the government it can also mention Turkey has a powerful infrastructure for raw materials and the availability of a diverse selection of investment opportunities. What is tourism real estate? Like many other economic sections, real...

real estate investment preferable

What is preferable Real Estate Investment in Turkey from Other countries?

Smart and successful real estate investors carefully study the real state markets in all the countries where they can find their investment path.  Investors who are in the process of investing in real water in Turkey compare the real estate market in Turkey with other markets in European, Arab and foreign countries. Follow us on this blog to clarify some points objectively and unambiguously,...

real estate prices increasing

Essential Reasons Why Real Estate Prices in Turkey Increased

The growing and rising prices in the real estate market in general and especially in Istanbul have some main reasons: high inflation, a weakened local currency, a bullish market, local population growth, and internal and foreign migration. But real estate investors realize that the most profitable investment opportunities are formed when the investment demand is dropping due to situations that have...

Turkish passport

Complete Guide to How You Become a Turkish Citizenship Legally

As a foreigner, if you wish to get Turkish citizenship, you should provide the condition in the law, Turkey can give our citizenship to them with the decision of the Ministry. If you get a Turkish citizen your spouse’s citizenship status will not change. On the date of the purchase of the citizenship of the parents, the children whose custody has the right to acquire Turkish citizenship upon the...

legally Turkish citizenship

Investigating the Possibility of Buying Turkish Citizenship. Is It Legal or Not?

Is it possible to buy Turkish citizenship? Let clear this, it is not possible in a way to buy Turkish citizenship in the literal sense, but the Turkish government issued laws that can obtain Turkish citizenship in easier and several ways, including real estate ownership, investment, and bank deposit. Is paying money to obtain Turkish citizenship legal? Turkish laws are set certain for obtaining...

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