September 2022 - My Key Turkey

September 2022

buy a house in Turkey

5 Tips for Buying an Apartment in Turkey

Buying an apartment in Turkey is very hard, especially if you are a foreigner. Investing in property in Turkey requires careful consideration and knowing the market to take the best options. In this article, we will explain some important points you should consider when buying a property. Location: The location of the apartment is the most aspect. You should check factors like connectivity,...

buy property in turkey

Can You Live in Turkey effortlessly if You investing in Property?

Turkey could be a golden opportunity to relocate, retire or invest by buying property. This country boasts magnificent weather and a choice of buzzing cities and beautiful seaside resorts. But one of the biggest attractions has to be its low property prices. Can foreigners buy property in Turkey? You don’t need to be a Turkish citizen or resident to buy property in Turkey. But buying a property is...

property taxes

Before Buying Properties in Turkey, What Do You Need to Know About Taxes?

Property tax can be challenging to figure out when you buy property in a foreign country as a foreigner. This article will explain the taxes you’ll be required to deal with when you buy and hold property in Turkey. Our specialists can also provide the necessary legal advice for those who invest in Turkey and open various businesses. Title Deed Tax (Purchasing Tax) When you invest in property in...

investing in Turkey sectors

Do You Know The Best Investment Section In Turkey?

Turkey is a strategic location and plays a vital role in the world. Therefore investment in Turkey is one of the first preferences of investors. In 2022 investment in Turkey by foreigners shows a variety when considering the globalizing world conditions in recent years.  Turkey is a young, dynamic and skilled workforce in a country of almost 80 million people. Besides that, the governmental...

kimlik card

The Ultimate Guide to Foreigners to Gain Permanent Residence In Turkey?

Turkey has been a center of attraction in the region on several levels, tourism, investment, medical and scientific. Foreigners who intend to extend their stay in Türkiye beyond the time limit specified in their visa, and those who require a visa exemption or intend to stay for more than ninety days must obtain a permanent residence. Residence Permit Types Short-term residence permitFamily...

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