October 2022 - My Key Turkey

October 2022

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The Important Advantages and Disadvantages of Turkish Citizenship

There are a few ways to gain Turkish citizenship: marriage, birthright, business investment program, long-term residency, and real estate investment. This article discusses Turkish citizenship through a real estate investing program.  Turkey has one of the cheapest and easiest countries for citizenship programs. The Turkish government has opened the gate to foreign investors since 2018, since then...

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An advisable Guide To investing A Property In Istanbul In 2023

Now days buying and investing in properties are very trendy, especially for foreign investors. But the question is which and where the property is the best decision? In this blog, we try to answer this question. Our team is available to advise you and help you to buy the best properties, you can call them easily.  What are the properties is advised to buy in Istanbul?   Apartment The first...

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Best Area to Buy an Apartment in Turkey in 2023

To answer the best area to buy an apartment we can refer to the Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) that the Central Bank of Turkey published in August 2022. The report's classification of the significant Turkish States relied on the proportion of the annual increase in the investment value of its apartments. According to that report, Istanbul is the first among the major Turkish states in the...

DASK or Earthquake insurance

All the Important Facts You Need to Know About Earthquake Insurance in Turkey

Tukey commanded earthquake insurance for all property owners, after the devastating Marmara earthquake in 1999. Property owner in Turkey must purchase insurance against earthquakes, which cover the costs of restoring damage caused by earthquakes or any natural disasters. Moreover, the government closely monitors the buildings under construction. A study is conducted on all materials used in these...


20 Questions For Turkish Citizenship 2023

When you decide to invest in Turkey as a foreigner and get Turkish citizenship, the first step is to gather information. buying property in another country has more risk because of a lack of data, so in this article, we answer the top questions about Turkey's property and their answers by the Turkish nationality law and its executive regulations. Q1: Can foreigners get Turkish citizenship? Yes, the...

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Which is Better, Buying A Property in Europe Or Turkey?

When you decide to buy a property in Turkey or Europe, many people think of owning an apartment in France, Italy, Germany, or other countries known for their nature, development, or modern facilities. But you will change your decision when you consider the real estate market in Europe and compare it with Turkey’s market, other aspects such as government facilities and the benefits available. In this...

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